Sunday, October 13, 2013

TOFEL V/s IELTS – Which test should be taken?

Students seeking better career opportunities abroad in countries like US, UK, European nations, Australia  and New Zealand are often confronted with a dilemma in choosing the target universities and more so on whether the IELTS test should be taken or go with TOFEL.
The question is not about taking the IELTS or TOFEL, because students who have limited options in getting exam dates on TOFEL at a preferred destination would definitely prepare for the IELTS. It is therefore important to know which universities are accepting IELTS, as this assessment test is now being recognized and accepted by most universities in US as well. Candidates preparing for the IELTS should first inquire whether the universities they are targeting accept the IELTS or not. Preparing for the exam and not knowing whether the targeted universities will accept or not will be a futile attempt involving wastage of time, energy and money. 
A list of universities accepting the IELTS can be downloaded from the official website of IELTS or by logging onto the website of the targeted universities where criterion will be made available, following which students can take decisions and aim for the score needed.
It may be that only few universities will not accept IELTS, but still to avoid large disappointment students are advised to clarify through online research on which universities are accepting this entrance test. For instance, universities such as Georgia Institute of Technology and Stanford University in the US does not accept the IELTS so the candidates applying to these universities cannot appear for the IELTS. Therefore it is strongly recommended to shortlist universities that candidates aim to apply and check which test is accepted or preferred.
Most universities are now accepting both the tests but the point is on the availability of test date at one’s convenience. If the target university is accepting both the tests, then candidates have the option to find out the suitable test date whichever is available, whether for IELTS or TOFEL. Moreover, a wider search will help candidates find the cost of each test, availability of scores, promptness of reporting and university receiving the scores and availability of professional services and providing other means of guidance to be successful in the respective test. 

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