Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I see a lot of students seeking advice with only one admit in hand and yet waiting for some important decisions.My small piece of advice to the students who have not received decisions from all the universities they have applied to.

If you have not heard from any universities about the admit or reject, kindly wait till the universities revert back before deciding the 'final' university. It will facilitate you in making an informed decision rather than shooting in the dark and asking everyone for a feedback without having other decisions in hand. Once you get an admit, you must go through the website, check the tuition fees, total cost, check the courses, specializations, research, on-campus job opportunities, faculty profiles, post Masters job opportunities, companies in the state and in vicinity states, contact students there to get first hand feedback. I would encourage you to prepare an excel sheet with various parameters that are important to you and compare when you get all the decisions to arrive at a suitable decision. The only exception here would be if a university expects you to confirm your seat before decisions of the other universities arrive. In this case  evaluate judiciously and confirm the university in hand and wait for the others to reply.

All the best.